Your journey to fertility with Orchidz

Your journey to fertility with Orchidz

No two individuals are similar. Everybody is facing their own battle. Infertility can make life more difficult. Treatment needs to be individualized based on the needs of the couple.

During the first visit, preferably with your partner, your medical history relevant to infertility will be taken, along with the female ultrasound scan of pelvis. Your previous records will be reviewed. Few relevant tests such as hormone profile, husband semen analysis, basic tests which test the fitness for pregnancy will be advised.

Certain tests like hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy may be advised based on the previous reports.

Once the basic tests are done, you will be counseled about the treatment plan more appropriate for you. The various options available include:

  • Ovulation inducing medications with timed intercourse
  • Ovulation inducing medications with IUI
  • Surgery
  • Medications with IVF

Fertility treatment may be successful in your first cycle or may require a few months. Do not lose hope. It is not required to quit your job to undergo fertility treatment. We can work around your time at your job and customize a treatment plan and time your visits to the fertility clinic accordingly. Undergoing treatments such as IVF with embryo transfer does not mean a full stop to all other aspects of your life. It is neither complete bed rest with fertility treatments nor advisable to do vigorous work out. It is about balancing the anxiety and stress and achieving your goal.

It is not an easy task to deal with this journey. The lack of uncertainty on the day of pregnancy test always exists. Many people are worried about the people around them and the negative comments they may receive. Meditation, acupuncture helps relieve the stress and cope better in this emotional journey.

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