Botox Injections in Urology

What is Botox?

Botox is an injection made from the toxin of Clostridium botulinum and requires cold storage facilities. Botox was first used for an eye disorder strabismus in 1981 (Scott AB, Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc 1981) and since then it is widely used in dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, andrology, gynecology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and neurology. The Botox acts at neuromuscular junction (nerve-muscle junction) leading to skeletal muscle relaxation, reduction of pain and reduction of hyper-sensitivity.

Is Botox painful?

Botox may cause mild-moderate discomfort when being injected into skin and superficial muscles. But in all other specialties, some form of anesthesia is given so that the person doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Very tiny needles will be used and hence the pain is very minimal (lesser than a prick of a blood test).

Botox Injections in Urology

What is the role of Botox in Urology and Andrology?

Botox is used in many urological and andrological conditions such as

  • overactive bladder
  • neurogenic bladder
  • dysfunctional voiding
  • detrusor external sphincter dyssynergia (DESD)
  • pelvic floor spasms in men and women
  • recurrent bothersome testis pain
  • premature ejaculation
  • sexual pain in women

Some of the above indications are FDA approved and some are still in the experimental phase.

What are the side-effects of Botox?

Allergic reactions are very rare. Common ones include itching, swelling and temporary pain at injection site.

Botox Injections in Urology

How much does the Botox cost?

Botox is expensive as higher doses are required in urology unlike skin or eye conditions. A minimum of 100 units of Botox is required in Urology and costs around 20,000 to 25,000 INR.

Who is the best doctor for Botox Injections?

Dr Pramod Krishnappa is the best Urologist and Andrologist in Bangalore / Bengaluru. He has been trained extensively in high volume Urology- Andrology centres in Madrid (Spain), Belgrade, Budapest, Chicago, and New York.

Dr Pramod has published his thesis on Botox (Krishnappa P et al. Clinical Medicine Insights 2018) and presented about Botox in many conferences.

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