Vaginal infections

Vaginal infections
  • What causes vaginal and lower genital tract infections?
    Infections in the vagina may be caused by
    • Bacteria – Chlamydia , bacterial vaginosis or gonorrhea
    • Fungus – Yeast infections
    • Virus – HPV, herpes
    The symptoms may be due to dermatological conditions of the skin in the region or allergic reaction to the use of chemicals or excess water to the region.
  • What are the symptoms of vaginal infections?
    The symptoms include:
    • Vaginal itching
    • Foul smelling excess discharge
    • Vaginal/ vulval irritation
    • Pain in the vaginal region
    • Urinary symptoms such as frequency or urgency
  • How should I take care of my genital region?
    A few points to be kept in mind regarding genital hygiene include:
    • Do not wash the area frequently, more than once a day. Excessive washing will wash away the favorable bacteria and promote the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria.
    • No use of soaps or harmful chemicals in the area
    • Use cotton undergarments as they are least irritative
    • Over the counter hygiene wash is not recommended
  • Should my partner be evaluated?
    If one of the partners are diagnosed with vaginal infection, as most of these infections are transmitted by sexual intercourse, the partner treatment is a must. If this is not done, it will lead to frequent reinfections and symptoms keep recurring.
  • What is the treatment for vaginal infections?
    It depends on the cause. Antibiotics or antifungals may be recommended. Antifungal vaginal tablet or cream is effective in curing the vaginal yeast infection. The course of these medicines must be completed, as prescribed by your physician.
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