Egg freezing / egg preservation

Egg Freezing in Bengaluru

What is egg preservation?

The number of eggs in a female’s ovary is fixed. No new eggs are formed during the life span of a woman. It only keeps decreasing with aging. For some women, it happens at a rapid rate than the others. The freezing of eggs at a younger age to use the later acts like an insurance.

It is not practical to always plan when have a child. The ‘biological clock is ticking’ and eggs in your ovary are depleting continually. Egg freezing is like an insurance for your eggs. It given freedom to have a child according to choice.

What is the best way to preserve your eggs?

The best way to preserve your eggs involves stimulation of the ovaries by injections. Multiple eggs grow in the ovary. These are retrieved under anesthesia and stored in liquid nitrogen for later use. These eggs can be used at any time up to 5 years.

If you wish to freeze embryos, it provides a better survival rate.

What is the best age to preserve eggs?

The younger the age, the better; as the quality and quantity of eggs are better. This leads to best pregnancy rate. Always plan to freeze eggs at least before your 35th birthday. If you are older, consult your fertility doctor to find out your ovarian reserve and chances of pregnancy with egg preservation.

Who is the best doctor for egg preservation?

Dr Sneha J is a Gynecologist and the best fertility specialist. She has completed MD OBG from the top university AIIMS , Delhi and University fellowship in Fertility/ Reproductive medicine. She had further training in dealing with these conditions, as a visiting fellow at high output centres in Madrid, Spain and Chicago,USA. A Gynaecologist with training in Reproductive Medicine/ fertility procedures is best for treating Repeated IVF failure.

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