Normal Pregnancy Care

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Few of the common questions pertaining to pregnancy are answered here.

  • When should I start taking pregnancy care during pregnancy?
    • Ideally, you should visit your ObGyn for a preconceptional counselling 1-2 months before planning pregnancy. You will have to start prenantal vitamins, check for genetic conditions or diseases you may be having. This will you to keep yourself better prepared for pregnancy.
    • After getting to know of your pregnancy, visit your doctor immediately. Prenatal vitamins, if not already started will be prescribed. Other medications may be prescribed depending upon your past history. You can get all your doubts cleared.
    • Early pregnancy complications such as tubal pregnancy, bleeding in pregnancy can be addressed during this visit.
  • What does pregnancy care consist of?
    The 3 basic components of pregnancy care include:
    • Ensuring the delivery of a healthy baby
    • Pleasant experience of pregnancy with the least complications with timely vaccinations and appropriate nutritional supplementation
    • Healthy, happy mother during and post delivery
  • What are the symptoms of pregnancy?
    • At one end of the spectrum, there are women who do not have any pregnancy symptoms till the abdomen starts to increase in size and begin feeling fetal movements. They may assume that they have irregular cycles!
    • At the other end of the spectrum, women may begin experiencing nausea/ vomiting (which is the commonest symptom of early pregnancy) at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.
  • How to take care of pregnancy during first 3 months?
    The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is considered most crucial as most abortions happen during this time. The most common cause of abortions seen in 15% of women is due to genetic abnormalities in the conceptus. The dos and don’ts include:
    • Avoid lifting heavy weights
    • Sexual intercourse is safe if your pregnancy is otherwise uncomplicated. Talk to your doctor about it.
    • If you have been exercising regularly, the changes happening in your body as a result of pregnancy may restrict your energy levels. Do not push yourself too much. Stay in your comfort zone.
    • Eat healthy. Do not skip meals. Keep yourself well hydrated. Take the prescribed prenantal vitamins regularly.
    • Consult your doctor, if you feel anything is abnormal.
    • Get planty of rest
  • Signs that your pregnancy is going well?
    Your doctor is the best person to tell you if “everything is fine” with your pregnancy. Clear any doubts with your ObGyn. The most checked aspects include:
    • Haemoglobin is normal
    • Blood pressure is within normal range
    • Blood sugar values are not elevated
    • Adequate weight gain in pregnancy
    • Adequate increase in abdominal girth
    • Growth of fetus normal when assessed by your doctor on abdominal palpation or on scan.
    • Adequately perceiving fetal movements in late pregnancy.
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