Cervical cerclage

Cervical cerclage

It is the placement of a stitch at the cervix (lower part of uterus) to prevent preterm delivery in a pregnant woman who is at risk of delivering a premature baby.

Some common questions regarding cervical encerclage include:

  • Who needs a cerclage?
    Cerclage is indicated in pregnant women under the following circumstances:
    • Short cervix as indicated on ultrasound scan or physical findings
    • History of previous preterm delivery due to short cervix
    • As an emergency measure between 13-26 weeks of pregnancy , with painless dilatation of cervix
  • Is cervical cerclage painful?
    Normally it is done under anesthesia. Hence it is not painful. Once the stitch is put, women usually do not feel any difference.
  • Is cervical cerclage safe for the baby?
    Nothing is done even remotely close to the baby. It remains unaffected. In fact, chances of survival of the baby increases as it decreases the chance of preterm delivery.
  • What is normal after a cerclage?
    The following symptoms may be experienced:
    • Slight vaginal spotting for 3-4 days
    • Mild cramping for a few days
    • Clear vaginal discharge which may be slightly more than before
  • How is cerclage removed?
    • It is removed at term.i.e. around 37 weeks and normal labour is allowed to set it.
    • If the woman goes into preterm labour, it is removed when labour is confirmed.
    • If the woman undergoes elective caesarean for other indications, cerclage is removed after LSCS.

Removal of cerclage is relatively painless and does not require anaesthesia.

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