World Ivf Day: Fears Related to Ivf Treatment

World Ivf Day: Fears Related to Ivf Treatment

Fear is an emotion that is driven by imagination more than the actual expected events. "Many men gave up even before he began, for fear of failing." Does this describe you? Psychologists say that people should face their fears to overcome them. This is much easier said than done. The fear of IVF may be different. It is something other than what you face head-on. We first need to identify women's fears before looking at possible solutions.

It is only natural for a woman, or anyone, to fear a medical treatment involving a lot of medication and procedures. Every medicine has side effects and risks. Before delving into the side effects and the risks, it is worthwhile first studying the risk probability. , this means how many women suffer from these side effects and risks. You will find that the percentage could be higher. Usually, complications do not happen to healthy people but to those with previous health issues that doctors already know about.

A woman needs to start donning a healthy lifestyle at least 3 to 6 months before beginning fertility treatment. A healthy lifestyle entails a good nutritious diet, regular exercise, avoiding smoking, drinking, and drugs, quitting eating junk foods and unhealthy foods, including cold drinks, practicing stress-relieving techniques, and ensuring you get adequate sleep at night. When your body is healthy, you have a better chance of IVF success.

Fears Related to Ivf Treatment

  • Injection phobia: IVF involves a lot of needles, and if you are scared of needles, there is nothing you can do to face this fear. Finer and smaller needles ensure that the pain of the prick is minimized as much as possible. In most cases, it is not the tiny prick that hurts so much but your fear that is so big and magnified. If the nurse is skilled and keeps you talking, you won't even know when you've had your shot. It is always better to inform the nurse that you fear injections. Don't worry, and they are used to it because many women and men, for that matter, are terrified of taking injections. You cannot avoid the injections during your IVF treatment, but the nurse can make it easier by distracting you and ensuring you don't feel the prick.
  • Concern regarding taking hormones: The awareness that taking hormones and steroids can cause you harm and have adverse side effects makes women shirk at the thought of hormone injections during IVF. This is quite a relevant concern, and you should discuss this with your doctor in great detail until you are convinced of the need to take these injections, and that will do you no harm, or maybe your doctor will prescribe alternate medication to perform the same task which will make you feel much comfortable. The hormones given to you during your IVF treatment are the same hormones your body produces. The only difference is that it is being administered in a slightly large amount so that more eggs mature rather than the usual one that happens every month.
  • Side effects: Some women suffer from side effects due to the stimulation of the ovaries. Ovarian stimulation is conducted so that a more significant number of eggs can mature. The side effects of the OHSS are similar to that of your period, which involves some cramping pain in the abdominal area, moodiness, possible nausea, and lightheadedness. You can ask your doctor for some medication to reduce the pain. These side effect symptoms may last for a week or so.
  • Anesthesia fears: This may sound illogical, but the cinema has led people to believe that not all patients wake up when given anesthesia. This can be a very genuine fear that is difficult to deal with. This stems from ignorance and lack of awareness. However, the only way to prove that people wake up from anesthesia is by talking to people who have undergone surgery or general anesthesia and have had no problems. It makes sense to read about the statistics of people who never woke up from their anesthesia and understand that it had nothing to do with the anesthesia but was due to their medical condition that they never made it. Anesthesia makes you sleep, and even an overdose will not lead to death.
  • Premature menopause: Many women are concerned about their ovarian reserve. For the IVF egg retrieval procedure, many eggs are removed. They are worried that this might deplete their ovarian reserve faster and cause them to come into premature menopause. This is not entirely true. During each ovulation cycle, the ovaries mature about five eggs, of which only one is used and the others discarded. The IVF ovarian stimulation retrieves these eggs, which would otherwise have been lost.
  • Ovarian cancer: Some women are concerned about the increased risk of ovarian cancer due to ovarian stimulation. However, studies have shown that there is no link between the two. Women who have IVF babies with the help of ovarian stimulation have lived healthy lives without any trace of ovarian cancer.

Fear of ivf failure

Are you too scared to try IVF treatment in case it might fail? This is quite normal and nothing to feel ashamed about. There are social concerns and anxieties about what people will think if you are not pregnant after so many months of treatment. IVF failure is not the end of the road. There is always another try and another. Just because your first attempt was not successful, there is no point in giving up.

Fear of ivf costs

There is no limit to the costs associated with medical treatment. There is always some additional medication required, and you only know how much it will cost once the chemist presents you with a bill. Usually, the medication prescribed by doctors in

Fears are a natural part of human nature, and the thought of IVF treatment and all you must go through can be overwhelming. It is an emotional journey that requires the support of your partner, family members, and doctor. Once you are through with your IVF treatment, you will be an emotionally stronger person who is no longer scared of injections or medical procedures.

Overcoming Ivf Treatment Fears

  • Get your fears in perspective.
  • Discuss your concerns with your fertility consultant.
  • Talk to other IVF moms.

Regarding fertility treatments, taking one step at a time is essential. Don't scare yourself by imagining that the treatments are difficult or expensive. Don't preempt the outcome or presume disappointment Stay focused every step of the way.

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