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Orchidz Health is a first of its kind dedicated clinic offering personalized care in Fertility and Sexual Health for both men and women by well renowned medical professionals in Bengaluru.

Why Choose Orchidz Health?

  • International fellowship trained experts
  • Male and Female infertility addressed under one roof.
  • Male and Female sexual health/intimacy issues are prioritized.
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Up-to-date treatment protocols
  • Direct access to the consultant
  • Best success rates
  • Ethical, affordable holistic care

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Sneha J

Dr. Sneha J

MBBS, MD (AIIMS Delhi), DNB (OBG), FRM (Reproductive Medicine, RGUHS), FECSM, Visiting Fellow Fertility (Spain and FCI Chicago)

Consultant Fertility, OBG and Cosmetic Gynaecology

Dr. Pramod Krishnappa

Dr. Pramod Krishnappa

MBBS, MS (Surg), DNB (Uro), ChM (Edinburgh), FECSM, Fellow Andrology

Consultant Andrologist & Prosthetic Urologist


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Priya Singh
I recommend the doctor

Words can’t express how much I appreciate Dr.Sneha J and her team. I have my son thanks to her and her team. IVF was a very tough journey for me. I used to drive an hour each way for my appointments. At the time it was very frustrating, but looking back it was all worth it. Dr. Sneha J and her staff were very supportive. Dr. Sneha is very knowledgeable and kind.I highly recommend Dr. Sneha J and her team to anyone dealing with infertility.

I recommend the doctor

We met Dr. Pramod Krishnappa in NU Hospital Rajaji nagar Bangalore for azoospermia issue. He went through our reports and suggested us to go with Pesa. We were not very confident that it would be successful based on the reports however Dr. Pramod Sir gave us the confidence to try our lucky once and also made my husband feel positive and gave him confidence. He performed Pesa and to our surprise we could find few sperms which would be used for my ivf cycle. He gave us the lost hope. We are very happy and would recommend Dr. Pramod Krishnappa as he is expert in Andrology field and a very down to earth person.

I recommend the doctor

Dr. sneha J and her staff are phenomenal! After just 2 rounds of IUI we are now 10 weeks pregnant. The weekly ultrasounds are very reassuring, and I never leave any of my appointments with unanswered questions. She is Best Fertility Specialist in Bangalore . I love to recommend Her . Once again thanks Dr Sneha Ma’am

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes , both men and women are simultaneously evaluated and treated under one roof by best male and female fertility doctors in Bangalore .

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant even after 1 year of unprotected frequent intercourse. Male and female are equally susceptible.

IVF treatment at Orchidz Health is individualised and personal care is given by internationally trained male and female fertility doctors.

Many causes such as advanced maternal age , smoking, excess alcohol intake, obesity, sexual problems, PCOD, genetic disorders, infections, tubal blockages and hormone imbalance.

Sperm concentration, motility and morphology gets significantly affected in smokers and is dose dependent. Exposure to 10 cigarettes / day reduces sperm concentration by 17%.

Platelet Rich plasma ( PRP) penile injections and penile implant surgery may offer “cure” for ED.

Sex is generally safe during pregnancy. Sexual abstinence is advised for women with placenta previa where there is risk of bleeding and early labour.

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