Repeated IVF failures

Repeated IVF Failures Treatment in New BEL Road Bangalore

Undergoing IVF and waiting for the results is a stressful moment in life. All the hopes are shattered if it fails. The chance of a single embryo resulting in a successful pregnancy is 25-30%. If 2 embryos are transferred, the success rate is 60-65%. If 3 good embryos fail to implant, it is called recurrent implantation failure / repeated IVF failure.

Some common questions related to repeated IVF failure include:

How common is repeated IVF failure?

The prevalence depends on the diagnostic criteria used. Usually, the prevalence of repeated IVF failure is between 5-8% in couples undergoing IVF.

Why embryos don’t implant?

The three main causes for implantation failure include:

  • Embryo quality – embryos may be genetically abnormal or of poor quality
  • Unfavorable uterine environment – quality of endometrium in terms of thickness or receptivity may be inadequate
  • Immunological abnormalities – involving antigen – antibody reactions which hinder implantation of embryo.

What are the tests for diagnosing the cause of repeated IVF failure?

The tests which may help include:

  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy – to rule out any abnormality inside the uterus which hinders implantation.
  • Endometrial receptivity array – analysis the proteins in the uterine lining and helps in personalized embryo transfer at the right time of the cycle, based on the results.
  • Nk cell assessment in the uterus / blood – to rule out immunological abnormalities

How to treat recurrent implantation failure?

Some treatments which can be offered include:

  • Intralipid infusion prior to embryo transfer
  • Injection of PRP or GCSF inside the uterus
  • Preimplantation genetic testing/ PGTa to test the chromosomal make-up of embryo prior to transfer
  • Assisted hatching to aid implantation

Which doctor is best for recurrent implantation failure/ repeated IVF failure treatment?

Dr Sneha J is a Gynecologist and the best fertility specialist. She has completed MD OBG from the top university AIIMS , Delhi and University fellowship in Fertility/ Reproductive medicine. She had further training in dealing with these conditions, as a visiting fellow at high output centres in Madrid, Spain and Chicago,USA. A Gynaecologist with training in Reproductive Medicine/ fertility procedures is best for treating Repeated IVF failure.

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