Menstrual cycle abnormalities

Menstrual cycle abnormalities
  • What is a normal menstrual cycle?
    There are several variations which are considered normal when we define menstrual cycle.
    • Days of flow- 2-7 days
    • Amount of flow- 5 – 80ml in one menstrual cycle
    • Cycle length- 21-35days
  • What is the cause of irregular menstrual cycles?
    • Adolescents in the initial 2 years of menstruation
    • Perimenopausal age group
    • Thyroid and prolactin hormone abnormality
    • Pituitary hormone abnormalities
  • What are the causes of increased flow during periods?
    This is called menorrhagia. The common causes include:
    • Thyroid or prolactin hormone abnormality
    • Anovulation- PCOS , close to menopause
    • Infection of the genital tract
    • Fibroid uterus
    • Endometriosis
    • Adenomyosis in the uterus
    • Endometrial polyp
    • Problems with blood clotting
    • Cancerous conditions in the uterus
    • Pregnancy compliactions must be ruled out
  • What are the causes for severe pain during periods?
    This is called dysmenorrhea. The common causes include:
    • Infection of the genital tract
    • Fibroid uterus
    • Endometriosis
    • Adenomysosis
    • Pregnancy complications must be ruled out
    It is important to remember that this not an exhaustive list. Always consult your doctor for any abnormalities in your menstrual cycle.
  • Which doctor is best for menstrual cycle abnormalities?
    Dr Sneha J is a Gynaecologist and best fertility specialist. She has completed MD OBG from the top university AIIMS , Delhi and University fellowship in Fertility/ Reproductive medicine. She later trained as a visiting fellow at Madrid , Spain and FCI, Chicago. A gynaecologist experienced in the treatment of these conditions is best for menstrual cycle abnormality treatment.
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