Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Why is Testosterone important?

Testosterone is an important sex hormone. In men, it has many important roles: libido, strong penile erections, regulation of muscle mass, strong bones, cardiac health, and regulation of body fat.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What is Andropause ?

Andropause in men is equivalent to menopause in women and is due to declining levels of testosterone, hence andropause is also called male menopause or adult onset hypogonadism. Testosterone levels decline with aging at the rate of 1% per year and this decline is more pronounced in free testosterone levels because of alterations in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

What age does andropause occur ?

Andropause is still a subject of debate. Most studies have reported that the andropause starts at 40-60 years of age.

How can I check my testosterone levels?

Testosterone levels can be checked in early morning blood sample (7am-10am). Ideally two tests to be done on two different days to confirm low testosterone levels to initiate testosterone replacement therapy.

What are the common symptoms and signs of low testosterone ?

Low libido, erectile dysfunction, easy fatiguability, unable to lose weight inspite of diet restriction and exercises, and soft bones on bone mineral densitometry are the common manifestations of low testosterone. One should have both symptoms and low blood levels to initiate on testosterone replacement therapy.

What are the natural ways to boost or improve testosterone?

Exercises and diet may help in improving testosterone levels. Any exercise helps but muscle training or endurance training exercises may improve testosterone significantly. Some of the dietary items which boost testosterone levels are ginger, oysters, pomegranates, leafy green vegetables, fish oil, extra-virgin olive oil and onions.

How can I improve testosterone if natural ways don’t help?

Testosterone replacement therapies cause negative feedback inhibition thereby resulting in reduction of sperms counts, so testosterone replacement therapy cannot be initiated in men who haven’t completed family or still want to preserve fertility.

If a man does not prefer preservation of fertility, then various treatment options available are tablets, injections (most-preferred), patches, gels and subcutaneous pellets.

Who is the best doctor for testosterone replacement therapy?

Dr Pramod Krishnappa is the best andrologist dealing with Men’s’ Sexual Health and Male Fertility. He has been trained extensively in high volume Andrology centres in Madrid (Spain), Belgrade, Budapest, Chicago, and New York. It is preferable to consult a urologist who is exclusively trained or specialized in Andrology to seek treatment for low testosterone levels.

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