When should I visit a fertility specialist?

When should I visit a fertility specialist?

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive with 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse. Hence if you are trying for a period of 1 year with failure to get pregnant, it is time to visit a fertility specialist. If the women’s age is >35 years, irregular cycles, previous diagnosis of PCOS/ PCOD, it is advisable to visit your fertility specialist if unable to conceive in 6 months.

Women >40 years may have to get a fertility consult right away.

Preconceptional counseling is forming an important aspect of every couple’s life. It is better to get yours and your spouse’s consult preconceptionally to rule out any chronic condition which may interfere with your future baby’s health, Check for hormonal conditions which can be corrected, check your fertility score and start pre conceptional vitamins.

Some couples would like to get their fertility status checked before starting family planning. Unexpected results such as azoospermia/ poor ovarian reserve later in life after using years of contraceptions is an unpleasant surprise. This can be avoided with timely fertility check and opting for fertility preservation in the form of egg freezing/ embryo freezing.

Since males and females contribute equally to a healthy pregnancy, it is wiser to fix a consultation with your partner, if you have one.

Whatever said and done, no two people are alike. Everybody has different plans regarding family planning and their decision to start a family.

Whenever you feel ready, it’s time to consult your fertility specialist to help you work out an individualized plan appropriate for you.

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