Things to Pledge on this Infertility awareness month

Things to Pledge on this Infertility awareness month

June happens to be the month for World Infertility Awareness. Infertility is a problem that millions of couples face across the globe.

While people have become more career-oriented and are caught up in their busy schedules, some small things can easily be implemented to ensure healthy living. Here are a few things to pledge this month.

  • Go for Monthly or Quarterly Check-Ups:
    Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, etc, can interfere with fertility. Visit your doctor or consult Orchidz Heath for the best fertility clinic in Bangalore and get a routine health check-up done.
    We are unaware of some diseases, but they could be harming you internally by obstructing your fertility rate. Regular check-ups will ensure that you know what your body is going through.
  • Keep Your Weight in Check:
    Research proves being obese can lead to problems like the production of excessive hormones – insulin or estrogen, which are harmful to the ovulation of eggs and the release of semen.
    Adopt a healthy lifestyle. It not only improves your fertility rate but keeps you fit.
  • Sleep 8 Hours:
    Sleep repairs our body and makes us healthy proper sleep is a must to boost fertility. It alters the level of certain hormones which affect fertility.
  • Say No to Smoke, Drugs, and Alcohol:
    Drugs and alcohol have a bad effect on the ability and the quality of the egg for women. For men, the sperm count can decrease while also affecting their motility. Also, excessive caffeine could be bad; restrict yourself to a cup of caffeine daily.
  • Exercise:
    Yoga, meditation, and regular exercises can drastically affect your fertility. Such activities keep your body fit and healthy physically and mentally. Swimming, trekking, and bike riding are all great ways to boost not only your physical strength but also your mental strength.
  • Keep Stress Under Control:
    There is a special connection between the mind and the body. If negative things happen in your mind, your body may not respond positively. Stress could also be from work, which is unavoidable and could be one of the reasons you could face fertility problems.
  • Eat Healthily:
    Proteins, minerals, and vitamins must make you internally strong. The Internet is the best place to see different diets that will help your body be strong. Avoid eating out; pack your food and add lots of salad and sprouts.
  • Eat a Multi-Vitamin:
    Our body needs a list of important vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Even though you may be eating healthy, your body may need to get the specific vitamins or minerals required to perform the functions smoothly.

The Importance of National Infertility Awareness Month

National infertility awareness month is celebrated in June to increase awareness regarding the fertility issues faced by millions across the globe. The importance of this month is to:

  • Increase awareness regarding infertility issues.
  • Introduces solutions to couples experiencing infertility.
  • Gives hope to people experiencing infertility challenges

During infertility month, people struggling to conceive can connect with others who are going through the same challenges. This can help provide a sense of community and support crucial in maintaining hope during a challenging time.

How to Celebrate Infertility Awareness Month 2023

  • Spread Awareness. Spread awareness by sharing articles or posts on social media and encouraging people to see a fertility specialist. You can also wear orange. Since it is the infertility awareness color, you can share or create something interesting for social media.

  • Help a friend or family member. If you have a friend or family member trying to conceive but hasn’t achieved it, use this month as an excuse to schedule an appointment.

  • Attend an infertility awareness month event. If you find out there’s an infertility awareness celebration; you could go to support; your presence could mean something strong for someone who needs it.

  • Talk and share about your personal experiences with infertility. Sure, most of us understand how it is to struggle to achieve pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that we fully comprehend the challenges that many women face daily.

Infertility Awareness Month is important for couples and individuals struggling to conceive. This month provides a platform for fertility specialists to share solutions and facts about infertility.

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